Installing & exploring the Apple watchOS 10 Public Beta

Apple has officially launched the first beta of the much-anticipated watchOS 10. This significant update, now available for the general public to test, is set to officially launch in the fall.

How to install watchOS 10 Public Beta

The installation of the watchOS 10 public beta is simple. Users must first upgrade their iPhone to the public beta version of iOS 17. This is a required step because the watchOS 10 works in tandem with the most recent iOS version.

In order to do this, you must sign up on Apple’s beta software website. Once registered and the new version of iOS 17 is installed, the watchOS 10 Public Beta option becomes available. It can be found under Beta Updates in the Watch app on the iPhone. Users can then select this option to download and install the beta version to their watch.

Most of you know this, but it doesn’t hurt to remind that installation of early versions of software comes with risks. Users may encounter bugs and other issues. Apple encourages them to report these issues to help improve the final product.

watchos 10

A new approach to interface

The next version of the operating system brings a plethora of updates. One of the key changes is a major overhaul of the Apple Watch interface, with a particular emphasis on widgets. The Smart Stack, which can be accessed with a simple turn of the Digital Crown, now displays the most relevant information. This dynamically changes throughout the day and as the Apple Watch learns the user’s habits.

This adaptive interface is designed to make the Apple Watch more intuitive and personalised. By providing users with the most relevant information at the right time, the Smart Stack aims to streamline the experience and make the Apple Watch an even more indispensable tool for daily life. Coupled with this is a revamp of a number of watch apps.

Fresh watch-faces

Apple has introduced two new watch faces in watchOS 10: Palette and Snoopy. The Snoopy face features characters from the beloved Peanuts cartoon, wit animations that change throughout the day. The Palette face, on the other hand, displays the time in a variety of overlapping colors, adding a vibrant and dynamic touch to the Apple Watch.

Enhanced maps & cycling features

The Maps app now includes a topography view, providing detailed geographical information such as elevation, contour lines, hill shading, and points of interest. This feature is particularly useful for outdoor enthusiasts, providing them with valuable information for hiking or exploring new areas.

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For cyclists, watchOS 10 brings new advanced metrics, views, and experiences that work through a connection to Bluetooth-enabled cycling accessories. These enhancements aim to provide cyclists with more detailed and accurate data, helping them to optimize their performance and enjoy their rides more. Hiking also gets a boost with new features. 

Mindfulness, enhanced connectivity & more

The Mindfulness app now includes a feature for logging moods and emotions. In addition, watchOS 10 supports Group FaceTime audio calls, allowing users to stay connected with friends and family directly from their wrist. A new feature called NameDrop also allows users to quickly exchange contact information by holding their Apple Watch near someone’s iPhone.

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