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Mobvoi TicWatch and the unraveling Google Assistant saga

For the TicWatch community, the abrupt announcement about Google Assistant ceasing its operations on Wear OS 2 has stirred considerable unrest.

Users have started noticing the message on their timepieces in the past few days.

“Google Assistant support on this watch is ending soon. Please upgrade to a newer watch that supports Google Assistant and runs Wear OS 3 or later,” it reads.

For TicWatch users, Wear OS has served as a vital platform, bringing the powerful functionalities of Google Assistant right to their wrists. While Google Assistant continues to run on select Mobvoi watches with Wear OS 2, it’s evident that this convenience will soon be history. Android Headlines has learned that by the end of this month, this voice-operated aid will be completely defunct for all.

Why Google Assistant’s absence matters

The integration of Google Assistant in smartwatches helps enrich the wearable tech experience. More than just a feature, it is an embodiment of convenience. Checking daily schedules, sending swift responses, setting alarms, or even operating smart home gadgets – all becomes a breeze with a simple voice command.

In the fast-paced world, the ability to access information or complete tasks hands-free became invaluable for users, and the thought of its removal has left many disoriented. It has just added frustration to users who have been patiently waiting for month now, for their watches to upgrade to the latest version of Google’s operating system.

The clouded transition to Wear OS 3

While the departure of Google Assistant from Wear OS 2 seems to be certain, the future on Wear OS 3, especially for TicWatch users, remains ambiguous. Interestingly, other brands like Fossil Watches have already integrated Google Assistant support on their Wear OS 3 devices. In contrast, Mobvoi’s newly launched TicWatch 5 Pro, despite boasting Wear OS 3, is devoid of this assistant. This discrepancy has left users pondering whether the much-awaited Wear OS 3 update for the TicWatch line will see the return of Google Assistant or mark its continued absence.

Mobvoi has attempted to assuage user concerns by hinting at the Wear OS 3 upgrade through its Beta Program. Although participants get to experiment with the new OS’s features, there’s still no clarity about Google Assistant’s integration. Confidentiality clauses have further cloaked the details, keeping users on tenterhooks about the voice assistant’s fate.

Manufacturer’s stance and user concerns

Mobvoi’s Czech representative offered some insight, asserting that system updates and third-party application support are not obligatory. But with a feature as intrinsic as Google Assistant, this perspective might not resonate with the user community. The manufacturer’s emphasis on not being responsible for third-party decisions, especially Google’s strategic choices, has raised eyebrows. Although the system might continue to function, the loss of such a pivotal feature might be perceived as a product shortcoming by many.

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Users with Mobvoi watches running on Wear OS 2 stand at a crossroad. While Wear OS 3 brings hope, the absence of Google Assistant on the TicWatch 5 Pro running the same system raises concerns. The impending months are crucial. They will decide if TicWatch users have to adjust to a world without their trusted voice assistant or if a resolution is on the horizon.

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  • This is rubbish by Mobvoi as google assist is a key selling feature of its phone and therefore it is false advertising. I have the watch and it is such a disappointment and rip off, If I knew I would have bought any other smart watch. We need answers asa


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