A second chance: Fitbit’s plan to rectify smartphone app issues

Fitbit is planning an update to its smartphone app, following a wave of user criticisms on its recent redesign. This article delves into the issues raised by users and how Fitbit aims to address them.

The storm before the calm: User criticisms

As detailed in our earlier article, users on social media platforms like Reddit and Twitter have heavily criticised Fitbit’s recent app redesign. They point out a wide range of issues, from an unattractive user interface to the absence of key features and inconsistent data presentation.

Fitbit organized the app’s new layout into three main tabs: “Today,” “Coach,” and “You.” However, many users find this new arrangement less intuitive and more cumbersome, despite its aim for simplicity.

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The negative feedback can be grouped into several key areas. The new dashboard layout has been criticized for being cluttered, making it difficult for users to quickly glance at their key metrics. Limited customization options have frustrated long-time users who had tailored their app experience to fit their specific needs. The redesign has also led to a more complex navigation system. In some instances it requires users to go through multiple steps to access basic features.

Other issues that are mentioned include inadequate food tracking, poor accessibility, battery drain, lack of Dark Mode, removed motivational elements. And let’s now leave out the aggressive push for Fitbit Premium services, and privacy concerns due to deeper integration with Google. Not good. Not good at all.

Fitbit’s response: Upcoming changes

What is good is that Fitbit has acknowledged the barrage of user criticisms. In a recent blog post on its Community blog, the company has outlined a series of upcoming changes aimed at enhancing the app experience. Interestingly, the post is titled “Your Feedback Matters”.

For starters, Fitbit is planning to reintroduce the battery percentage indicator on the “Today” tab. This a feature that users have been clamouring for, something that was included in the old version of the software. At the moment, they have no easy way to see how much battery juice is left by looking at the smartphone screen.

For iOS users, the much-missed “Steps streak” feature will make a comeback, and Android users will get to experience it for the first time. Celebratory animations will be added back to mark the achievement of daily step goals, enhancing the sense of accomplishment.

The “Today” screen will undergo layout optimization to make it easier to read, addressing complaints about clutter and spacing. Fitbit is also introducing new focus metrics, allowing users to further tailor the app to their unique health and fitness needs. If the preset focus metrics don’t align with what users are looking for, customisation options will be available.

Additionally, Fitbit is working on other updates based on user feedback, including the much-requested Dark Mode. The company assures its community that it will continue to listen and make iterative improvements to the app. You can check out the post in full on this link.

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