Amazfit watch guide: How to install and use offline maps

Discover the power of offline maps on your Amazfit watch. This article will walk you through the process of installing and utilising offline maps on Amazfit watches, ensuring you’re never lost, even when off the grid.

Quite a few Amazfit watches have support for mapping. This includes route import, real-time navigation, real-time movement tracking, save location point, direct return navigation and route deviation reminders. But only a select few allow users to download an offline map from the Zepp App to the watch. Your position on the map updates in real time as you navigate with a matching route file. Watches on this list include Falcon, T-Rex Ultra, Cheetah and Cheetah Pro.

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Offline maps are useful for several reasons. Primarily, they offer independence from cellular networks, ensuring that you stay on course even in areas with poor or no mobile coverage. This is especially beneficial for adventurers exploring remote trails or areas with unreliable network coverage. Secondly, they conserve battery life and data usage, as the maps are pre-loaded and do not require continuous internet access. Finally, with the immediate availability of detailed maps, users can confidently navigate unfamiliar terrains, enhancing both safety and enjoyment of outdoor activities.

Recent updates

With the release of ZeppOS 2.0, the company has further enhanced the offline maps feature. This update introduces light and dark modes, adapting the map’s visibility to different lighting conditions and making it easier for users to read the map during both day and night. The accuracy and detail of the maps have also been significantly improved, offering more precise geographical information.

A recent firmware updatee has expanded the capabilities of these watches even further by adding offline ski resort maps. This feature provides users with detailed trail views and essential information for navigating ski slopes. With access to over 15,000 ski resort maps, skiers can now easily find their way around the slopes, making these watches an indispensable tool for winter sports enthusiasts.

Its obvious Zepp Health is continuously looking on improving the offline map capability. Look for future updates to further enhance this functionality.

Step-by-step guide to downloading maps

Here’s how to download maps to your compatible Amazfit watch.

  • Pair your Amazfit timepiece with the Zepp App on your smartphone.
  • Navigate to Profile > My Devices > Map Management.
  • Search for a city or region in the provided box.
  • A box showing a selected area will display on the smartphone screen. You can move this left or right, up or down. You can also zoom in or out. The box shows the area of the map that will be downloaded to your watch. Adjust the selected area on the smartphone screen as needed.
  • Confirm your selection and add it to the Device download list.
  • Approve the download on your watch when prompted. You’ll get the message “Map resources are available for download. Do you want to download?” Choose the checkmark.
  • Hopefully, you have previously set up your watch’s WiFi connection! If not, the watch will ask you to choose a provider and add your password before progressing further.
  • Monitor the download progress directly on your watch.

Using offline maps during outdoor workouts

Here’s how to use offline maps when you are out and about:

  • Select an outdoor workout on your watch, such as running.
  • Wait for the GPS to connect, i.e. the indicator to turn to Green.
  • Start the workout on your watch and scroll down until you hit the maps section.
  • Activate the map using the physical button on the right. Your current location will be shown on the display.
  • You’ll get a + and a – sign in the left of the map. Use this to zoom in or out. Further presses of the button allow you to scroll up or down, and left or right.
  • Use the back button to exit the map function.

That’s pretty much it. The offline maps in Amazfit watches, enhanced by the latest ZeppOS and firmware updates, is useful. Hopefully, this will become a standard feature on future iterations of Amazfit watches. At least the high-end ones. It not only provides convenience and safety during outdoor adventures but also positions these watches as versatile tools for navigation and exploration.

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  • T Rex 2 omited from basic offline wayfindiñg is ridiculous given it’s hardware capability and limiting the map to 60 seconds could save the battery if that’s the concern. Please get them to change it so a lost surfercan make there way back from say nebraska.


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