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From calls to people’s temperature checks – Google Pixel 8 Pro’s latest trick

In a world where phones have become our lifelines, Google seems to be asking, “Why not turn them into personal health aides?” The company has spiced up its smartphone offering with its latest feature – human body temperature tracking on the Pixel 8 Pro. And this is more than a cool party trick; it’s a “medical-grade feature,” possibly with FDA approval in the bag.

Imagine you’re feeling a bit under the weather, and instead of rummaging through drawers for a thermometer, you reach for your phone. That’s the future Google is nudging us towards with the Pixel 8 Pro.

The smartphone now boasts a Thermometer app, a nifty tool that lets users scan their forehead temperature and sync these readings with their Fitbit profile. Something akin to a nurse in your pocket, minus the bedside manner.

Google Temperature app

The app uses infrared to gauge body heat, handling temperatures from a chilly -20 degrees Celsius to a scorching 200 degrees. But before you toss out your old thermometer, remember, this tech is still in its teething phase. It’s more of a ‘nice-to-have’ than a ‘rely-on-it-for-your-health’ kind of feature.

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The new feature is one of the things that set the Pixel 8 Pro apart from its less flashy sibling, the Pixel 8. The Pro version starts at $999, a slight bump from last year’s model, but with a temperature sensor as one of its crown jewels.

Launched alongside the Pixel Watch 2, these devices are part of Google’s grander vision. The temperature sensor can also function as a versatile tool for every day life. From checking your coffee’s temperature to ensuring your bathwater is just right, there are a lot of potential use-cases. This use case has been available for a few months now, it is human temperature tracking that has been added with the latest update.

Google temperature sensor

Google’s not the first to play with temperature sensors in phones. Remember the Honor Play 4 Pro or the Samsung Galaxy S4? But the Pixel 8 Pro’s sensor isn’t just a response to a trend or a global crisis. It’s a step towards making our smartphones central to our health and daily living.

Why this matters

This move by Google hints at a future where our everyday gadgets do more than just connect us to the world; they connect us to our health.

The Pixel 8 Pro’s temperature tracking feature might seem like a small addition, but it’s a glimpse into what’s coming. Health and fitness tracking will be seamlessly integrated into our daily tools, not just devices sitting on our wrist. Pretty soon gadgets around us will understand and anticipate our needs, making health monitoring as routine as checking the time.

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