Whoop Live Lock Screen: A real-time look at your fitness performance

Whoop has quietly rolled out a new feature called Live Lock Screen. As originally reported on Reddit, the feature provides real-time updates for runners and walkers directly on the lock screen and Dynamic Island of an iPhone.

How it works

Up to now, users have had to unlock their phones and open the Whoop app to view their fitness data in real time. However, Live Activities eliminates this extra step, providing users with immediate access to their key metrics without interrupting their workflow or daily activities. They can now see their heart rate, heart rate zone information, distance and speed at a glance.

Whoop Live Lock Screen

One thing you do need to do in order to see the feature is to tweak the settings on your phone. In the Whoop section you will notice a “Live Activities” option. As shown in the screenshot below, make sure to toggle that to “on”.

Whoop Live Lock Screen

As Whoop explains, to use the feature start an activity using WHOOP Live in the Overview tab of your iPhone. Your Lock Screen will then display the live data. Remember to ensure your device is connected and the app is connected in the background.

It appears the company has been working on enabling Live Activities for a while now based on the settings. But it is only now that users are staring to see it.

For now the feature only works for running and walking. If you start other activities such as strength training or cycling, for example, it will not be available. One could imagine that it would be particularly useful for lifting, so hopefully Whoop is working behind the scenes bringing it to a wider range of activities.

It appears not all users are seeing the new feature just yet. But many are. So the rollout may be gradual. 

Final word

All in all, this is a useful update. By providing real-time data and insights directly on the user’s lock screen or Dynamic Island, users now have a a seamless and more convenient way to track their workouts.

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So far this year, Whoop has been relatively quiet on the software update front. However, the company recently hinted at a significant addition to its fitness tracking platform. In a communication surrounding membership renewals, Whoop teased the potential incorporation of body composition and weight data. This feature would allow users to track changes in muscle mass, fat percentage, and overall weight, providing a more comprehensive understanding of their health and fitness progress.

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