Fresh report underscores rumors of Google Pixel Watch launch

Rumors of a Google branded timepiece seem to resurface each year. We have yet to see, though, anything materialize into a real-world product. Now a fresh, new report gives some hope we might actually see the device later this month.

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Many expected the watch would see the light of day late last year, but Google’s Director of Engineering on Wear OS, Miles Barr dashed those hopes. In an interview with Tom’s Guide at the time he said “To think of a one-size-fits-all watch, I don’t think we’re there yet.”

Hopes resurfaced earlier this year with Google’s acquisition of Fossil smartwatch tech in January, clues spotted by code watchers and new job postings. And let’s not forget that Google has put in significant efforts on refining the Wear OS platform in recent years.

Japanese news outlet the Nikkei Asian Review underscored these rumors in an article back in February.

“The company will also roll out an updated version of its signature smart speaker Google Home this year, as well as a new smartwatch to compete with the Apple Watch, the person familiar with the plan said.” their article reads.

Now they’ve published another, similar piece. Citing unnamed sources, Nikkei’s article focuses mostly on the unveiling of the Pixel 4 and 4 XL and possible launch of a new 5G smartphone. Google should announce these at its October launch event.

But there’s more. Along with this, unnamed sources told the Nikkei Asian Review Google “will unveil two new 4G Pixel smartphones, as expected, and possibly a new smart watch and notebook too.”

The device is not mentioned in name, but any smartwatch from the search giant is likely to be the Pixel Watch. The launch event will be held in New York City on October 15th so not long before we find out.

Some might say we get this same rumor every year, and they might be right. If nothing else, it would be good if Google gives some hint about the watch during the event. Here’s to wishful thinking.

Another possibility is we might get a side note at the conference of the Fossil Diana. Leaked a few weeks ago, the device comes with an e-ink display and is rumored to be the product of Fossil’s collaboration with Google. The clue is the name “Diana”. A blend between the worlds “Digital” and “Analogue”, this is the internal name for the smartwatch technology that Google licensed in the $40 million deal with Fossil.

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