Amazfit GTR 4 gets major update with AI Coaching & better workout detection

Zepp Health has just released a significant firmware update for its popular Amazfit GTR 4 smartwatch. The software, version, comes in at 34.53MB and brings a range of new features and optimizations aimed at enhancing the user experience and improving the watch’s workout tracking capabilities.

Access to Zepp Coach

One of the most notable additions of the new software is the integration of Zepp Coach, a smart coaching algorithm that offers tailored guidance for training. This innovative feature provides users with personalized feedback and recommendations based on their fitness goals and workout history, enabling a more effective and targeted approach to exercise.

Until recently, Zepp Coach was only available on Amazfit Falcon and T-Rex Ultra watches. They were also the only models with access to the AI coaching feature.

The integration of AI into health and fitness coaching signifies a new era for wearable technology. By employing AI to analyze data collected from sensors embedded in wearable devices, smartwatches and fitness bands are now able to offer users increasingly personalized guidance. Presumably, this update for the GTR 4 brings access to both Zepp Coach and the AI platform.

Post-workout heart rate monitoring

The firmware refresh also introduces a few heart rate improvements. This includes post-workout heart rate monitoring, which automatically measures the user’s heart rate for three minutes after the end of a workout. This data can be viewed in the smartphone app workout record, allowing users to gain better insight into their post-workout recovery and overall fitness progress. The same feature has landed via firmware update a few days ago on the Amazfit T-Rex 2 watch.

The new software includes an optimization of the heart rate algorithm, which promises to deliver more accurate heart rate measurements throughout various types of workouts and everyday activities. This enhancement should provide users with better insights into their cardiovascular health.

Better workout detection

Another new feature is the support for Conditional Pause. This option will automatically pause the smartwatch when the user’s workout goal is completed, ensuring that the recorded data is accurate and relevant to the exercise session. This operation is only valid once per workout, and it will automatically enter the pause state when the goal is reached.

To further enhance the watch’s fitness tracking capabilities, Amazfit has optimized the workout detection algorithm in the GTR 4. This improvement aims to increase the accuracy and timeliness of entry motion detection, ensuring that users receive real-time feedback during their workouts.

How to install

In order to benefit from the improved features and optimizations, make sure to update your Amazfit GTR 4 smartwatch. Simply connect the device to the Zepp Health app and the smartphone software will notify you if the firmware update is available in your area. To ensure everything goes smoothly, these types of software updates usually have a gradual rollout.

Amazfit GTR 4 firmware update

All in all, this is a nice software refresh for owners of the Amazfit GTR 4 watch. Zepp Health has upped its game in the past couple of years, focusing more on improving software and less and churning out an endless stream of new devices.

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