[caption id="attachment_10771" align="alignright" width="292"]Flex 2 gets gets low-battery notifications and goal celebrations Image source: Fitbit[/caption] If you are the proud owner of a Flex 2, you'll be happy to know that from today, your fitness tracker is a little bit smarter. Fitbit has just released a software update that introduces a couple of free upgrades. First off, the budget tracker now offers additional functionality to its Reminders to Move. This is a feature that notifies you 10 minutes before the hour if you haven’t taken 250 steps. With today's tweak, it will also notify you when you hit that step goal by vibrating and flashing magenta and white lights. The second update puts the days of worrying about battery life behind you. The Flex 2 has enough juice to run between 5 and 7 days, depending on use. Now you can know how much battery life is left just by looking at your wrist. If a single red light flashes after your Flex 2 displays your goal progress, it means your device is at 20% battery life. If all features appear to be disabled, tap your Flex 2 twice. If a red light flashes, your battery has been drained. [caption id="attachment_11057" align="alignnone" width="1000"]Flex 2 gets gets low-battery notifications and goal celebrations Image source: Fitbit[/caption] The Flex 2 is the San Francisco manufacturer's slimmest tracker yet, and for the first time for a Fitbit device is water resistant. The wearable is now 30% smaller than the original model and features a removable core unit and interchangeable slim, classic fitness bands in seven colors. A LED display uses color-coded lights to show progress toward your daily goal, and keeps you connected with call and text notifications. Essential reading: Choosing the right Fitbit tracker More importantly, this is Fitbit’s first swim-proof wristband. The device is water resistant up to 50 meters. Whether you’re in the shower, pool or ocean, it automatically tracks your pool swims including laps, duration and calories burned in the Fitbit app. The Flex 2 is probably one of the best options right now for those on a budget. If you are after a no hassle, discreet tracker that covers the basics, and has a comprehensive app to go along with it, the Flex 2 is a great option.
Flex 2 gets gets low-battery notifications and goal celebrations
Fitbit Flex 2 Gadgets & Wearables may get a commission
Flex 2 gets gets low-battery notifications and goal celebrations
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